The Benefits of Same-Day Surgery

Same-Day Surgery Benefits - New York, NY
Posted on 2016/03/11 by Brian Jacob M.D.

Surgery Can Take a Lot Out of You

Recovering from a surgery can be a major ordeal, requiring lots of time off work and changes to your overall activity level and lifestyle. Many advanced have been made in surgical techniques and technology, as well as pre-op and post-op care, which has helped address the challenges of recovering from surgery.

About Outpatient Surgery

One of the major advances in recent years is the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques that use small incisions, precision tools, and advanced imaging technology. This allows patients to undergo surgery in a single day and not require an overnight stay in the hospital for monitoring. This is known as outpatient surgery, and it's a preferred manner of performing many different kinds of surgical procedures.

Can Any Surgery Be an Outpatient Procedure?

No, not always. Major surgical treatments such as organ transplants and bariatric procedures will still require at least an overnight stay in the hospital to monitor vitals. That said, a number of minor surgeries, elective surgeries, and surgical treatments that involve the eyes, ears, nose, and throat can be performed as outpatient procedures. The list is growing as the technology and surgical know-how continues to evolve.

In and Out of the Operating Suite

In many cases, outpatient procedures do not take as long as major surgical treatments. This means that patients will not require as much anesthesia to have their procedures performed.

Able to Return Home without an Overnight Stay

One of the major benefits of outpatient surgery is that it allows patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own home. Many patients find this helpful and comforting, which is an essential part of full recovery.

A Less Invasive Approach to Surgery

Since outpatient surgeries are minimally invasive, this typically means a much better healing experience for patients. This includes less visible scarring, less pain and discomfort as part of recovery, and lower risk of complications and adverse side effects.

Improved Recovery and Healing for the Patient

Patients who undergo outpatient procedures are often able to return to work sooner than people who undergo a full surgical procedure. They are also able to engage in normal activities again sooner rather than later. In essence, outpatient surgery allows patients to return to normalcy.

An Emphasis on Wellness without Compromising Quality

The ultimate benefit of outpatient surgery is that surgeons are able to perform same-day procedures that improve overall patient experience without compromising patient wellness and or patient safety. This is why so many more surgeons are considering minimally invasive procedures for treating patients, and why it's a great option to consider for many different procedures.

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